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The Dao


DAO engenders  ONE

ONE engenders TWO 

TWO engenders THREE

THREE engenders the Ten thousand things.

Lao Zi

Believe it, it is there.

Don't believe it, it is there. 

Shifu Sun Miao Xiao

The Dao or often translated as the way. Lao Zi called it the Dao because there is no way of describing it. It is a constant exchange of energies in the universe. The Dao is a human intent to try to unravel our relationship with the energies of nature. 

The source of the Dao is emptiness and void(无极Wuji), from Wuji comes Yin and Yang (太极Taiji), from Taiji comes five elements(五行Wuxing), from Wuxing comes ten thousand things. The nature of these relationships is an eternal cycle. From this process, the ancient Chinese developed systems for almanac, medicine, martial arts, longevity cultivation, Fengshui, and healing.

Daoism first appeared as shaman and esoteric practitioners to help ordinary people to understand the relationships between man, heaven and earth. Overtime, it became organized under different branches as an attempt to educate and pass on the arts to whoever wanted to learn.  

Dao is a way for us to cultivate and tap into our potential .We see the ultimate Dao

(大道as an energy we can use to help us become healthy and open. Through our cultivation we can recognise internal blocks and issues that may prevent us from being able to expand and live in harmony with nature, our surroundings and others. Practicing we learn to enhance our minds and internal systems to be able to cultivate deeper. when our mind and body is clean we can begin to see ourselves truthfully in the world. 

As the modern civilization has created a more technological lifestyle, giving us convenience and speed, it also takes us away from our relationships with nature and others. Today, we create societies based on our fear of nature and condition ourselves to live in a fabricated world with technologies, concrete jungles, and possessions. The bigger this fabricated world becomes, the further away from the nature we become. Without consciously feeling, our body becomes dis-eased. Instead of returning to the source of all nature, we become chaotic and confused.

The Dao allows us to delve deeper into our relationship with nature and others. By following Dao we gain insight into universal energies that are usually buried by our conditioning through our interaction with externals and daily lives. 


Humans follow the laws of earth

Earth follows the laws of heaven

Heaven follows Dao

Dao follows its own nature

                                        Lao Zi





​      老子

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