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Shifu Sun Miaoxiao

在道的漩涡中,习练光明, ​顺应道


"In the swirls of the Dao, practice brightness

and be guided" 

Shifu Sun Miao Xiao

The foundation of everything Shifu teaches comes from the relationship between man(人), heaven(天), earth(地), the five elements (五行)and their relationships between man and nature.

Shifu seeks to guide students by cultivating a Dao heart, through training and diligence we can tap into out potential and find our purpose. 

A purist and believer in the ancient Chinese arts, through Grandmaster Xu Jindong lineage(徐金栋), Shifu Sun Miaoxiao has been practicing for 30 years. He is committed to pass on these ancient treasures including Kung Fu, Daoist practices and Chinese medicine. 

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