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三战 San Zhan

The Three Battles 

To get the essence of San Zhan, you have to soak yourself deeply in it. Dip your toes in it, you move your Qi. To swim deep in it, you connect man, heaven and earth.  To become it, you are at one with the essence of it. 

Shifu Sun Miao Xiao

Shifu Sun Miaxiao demonstratiing San Zhan in Portugal

Shifu Sun Miaoxiao demonstratiing Crane San Zhan at South Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, China

One of the primary characteristics of Wuzuquan is San Zhan (三戦), the beginning form and the most advanced form. San Zhan literally translates as "three battles". The "three battles" refer primarily to the three stages that Wuzuquan practitioners can achieve: combat preparation, combat tactic and combat strategy; all of which must be mastered in order to attained a good level. "Three Battles" has multi-faceted meaning: conceptual, physical, and spiritual. Ultimately, San Zhan is used as a Daoist tool to practice self-cultivation. It is a moving contemplation. 

San Zhan can also be said to allow development of the eight Five Ancestor principles and so, is considered the most important form in the style. Indeed, it is said that this form contains all the principles of the Five Ancestors system. Thus it is the first form taught to junior students, so that they may explore the essential points of Five Ancestors from the start of their training. At the beginner, one learns the structures and the movements. At intermediate level, one connects the the breath with more refined structures to create power. At the advanced level, one explores the concepts of Wuxing and man, heaven earth. This is why it is also the most advanced form. Through constant practice, one reveals the deeper knowledge held within the form. 

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