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Acceptance is what we find the hardest

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Following the great Dao is simple, hold fast to the principles and be at one with the nature of all things. Acceptance is what we find the hardest.

Our self built reality creates this difficulty because we create an existence of relativity, what is good, best etc. We find it hard to accept the reality of what things are.

Accepting something has a limit is to undo its limitation.

To be stalled because you can't break through, blindness has set in.

Accept all things have their own nature and do not resist them. Accept you and things do have limits.

If truly accepted then the limits fade away.

For this to happen you have to accept the source not change or reshape to suit your conditioned viewpoint or bias.

Learn to let go.

Breath deep

Talk less.

Practice brightness.

Walk the Great Dao.

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