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Adult (age 15+) Mixed Class:

Monday 17:00 - 18:30

Saturday 8:00 - 10:00

Price: £50/month


Adult Expansion Class

Sunday 8:00 - 10:00

includes Saturday and Monday classes and an additional intermediate class

​Price: £60/month


Kids (age 8+) Foundation Class:

Saturday 10:00 - 11:00​

Price: £40/month

Parents are welcome to join the kids at same price

功夫 Kung Fu


Adult (age 15+) Foundation Class:

Tuesday and Thursday

18:30 - 20:00

Price: €50/month

Kids (age 8+) Foundation Class:

Tuesday Thursday

1700 - 1800

Parents are welcome to join the kids at same price

Price: €40/month

Private lessons by appointment

Classes are disciplined and we focus on the traditional training methods. We follow Daoist principles that encourage people to become upright, healthy and respectful members of community. We teach the arts in a way that strengthen both the body and mind. Apart from the obvious health benefits, great emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of the arts enabling students to develop essential life skills and self defense abilities. We don't re-interpret the old ways with a modern slant. The exercises are very specific to Kung Fu and there is no cross training here.  Emphasis is on creating energy and being able to apply it in various contexts, these include other Martial Arts, Street situations, MMA counters, Chi Sao,  and Tui Shou.  

The true martial arts are external manifestations of internal essences. For new learners who aim to gain the real essences, they have to follow the structures, forms, and methods that were created based the essences by the founders many thousand years ago. Without this rigorous process, the Kungfu remains external and empty inside.

The mind controls the Qi (energy). The mind also destroys the Qi. The mind often has a tendency to wander, search and grasp for easy solutions. This overtime weakens the mind and make it scattered.  By following the traditional training structure and methods, the mind is centred and able to endure hardships. The process overtime strengthens the mind to control Qi more efficiently.

Public Classes

Our unique curriculum is tangible and focused. This allows the students to develop a solid foundation which enables their expansion in energy and provides them tools for real life experiences. 

The Foundation Class (Year 1 to 3):


Year 1: A new practitioner enters the introduction stage to the Kung Fu basics. This includes learning the principles, concepts, stances, punches, kicks, body conditioning, combination techniques and the first form - Tiger form(虎拳). A new practitioner also learns in groups how to apply energy including long arm, short arm, Chi Sao (Sticking hands) and Tui Shou (Push hand). 

Year 2: The practitioner enters into a growth stage.  This includes three areas: 

- Learn the applications of Tiger form as well as all the basics in Year 1. 

- Learn the first and the most important form in Wuzuquan -San Zhan(三战). The practitioner will have a good overview of the concept, the moves and the breathing that makes San Zhan such a unique form.

- Learn the first monkey stick form(猴棍). This allows the practitioner to start experiencing long range contact with a weapon.     

Year 3: The practitioner enters into a development stage. This includes

- Learn Baihe San Zhan(白鹤三战), which is the opposite form for San Zhan. By learning this form, it allows the practitioner to understand the energetic application of San Zhan in a two-man set. 

- Learn the second monkey stick form. This allows the practitioner to start apply long-range techniques in a two-man set. 

-Learn more in-depth application of Tiger, San Zhan and monkey stick and combination techniques. 

The Expansion Class (Year 4+):

With the knowledge and skills gained from the first three years, a practitioner now enters into the expansion stage, which involves more advanced combat strategies and techniques in freestyle hand-to-hand combat environment using the knowledge they have learned. This stage further introduces the practitioner to more forms, weapons (sticks, swords, knives, spears) and applications. This is a stage a practitioner expands in many directions to explore the width and depth of Kung Fu in external physical dimensions and also internal spiritual dimensions. Kung Fu becomes part of one's life and changes one's life.  

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