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Hulutang Daoist Medicine Foundation Program

April 2022 - February 2023

This program is aimed as an introduction to some of the most fundamental Daoist healing and cultivation concepts and practices. Daoist medicine originated in ancient China. Ancient Daoist shamans discovered the relationship between Man, Heaven and Earth. Through cultivation, they also discovered Qi channels in the human body and developed herbal medicine based on their Qi transformation in human body. Over thousands of years, Chinese medicine has become a unique medical system that is comprehensive and effective.  Today, Chinese medicine is seen as an alternative or holistic medicine to the conventional Western medicine. While most people will no longer relate it to Daoist practices, it is important we explore its original sources and understand what is behind the healing methodology.  


In our 10 month program, we will discuss the following key topics:


1. What is Daoist medicine? Is Chinese medicine the same as Daoist medicine? How is it different from Western medicine?

2. How do we understand our body from Daoist perspectives? What is ease and disease?

3. Western medicine is researching into the genome to understand our genetic diseases.

Can Daoist medicine tell us what disease we are born into?

4. Are man and woman the same or are they very different? How do man and woman maintain their health?

5. Are we a product of nature or are we a product of nurture? How does culture, environment, food, medication and relationships influence our body? How to defend ourselves when our body is attacked?

6. How do Daoists see mind and spirit? How do thoughts and emotions influence our health? How to have a tranquil internal state?

7. What is Wu Wei and What is I-Ching? Why is it important to our health?

8. How to live a long life naturally? How do we interact with nature?

9. What is Daoist cultivation?


During the 10 months, we will also introduce some fundamental Daoist practices. At the end of this program, one should have an overall understanding of Daoist medicine philosphies, some basic self-healing techniques and Daoist practice skills.


This will be a face-to-face teaching program. The sessions will be recorded for anyone who missed the session.

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